Giggles & Renegade Wedding

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Giggles & Renegade Wedding

Post by lizzy on Tue Nov 22, 2016 7:55 pm

Remaining balance:5250


Couples SL Name:ϮĢιցցℓєş ωαℭσϮ (igiggleb0x) & RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee)

Sales Rep: lizzy

Package:always forever

Any other additional service:

Transaction:2016-11-21 21:05:04 d0947af7 Source: iGiggleb0x Resident
Region: Everlasting L$5250

Booking price plus any additional service added: 10500

the carriage ride is on me
How much did they put down? 5250

[x ] Heterosexual

[ ] Same Sex if yes [ ] Two Men or [ ] Two Women

[ ] Double wedding or [ x] Single wedding

Wedding Date: 1/15/16

Time of the wedding: 2pm

Package: Always forever

Venue: Love & Lavender

lights on the pools light in the center of the dance area


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Re: Giggles & Renegade Wedding

Post by Sin_Revenge on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:17 am

Hey i was ask to change your all wedding on the 7th of Dec at 4pm and he wanted me to let you know.

[10:19] ℒєσηα ℳichaelѕ (leona.kitty): [10:12] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): how much do WEowe on the wedding ?
[10:13] ℒєσηα ℳichaelѕ (leona.kitty): Lizzy says 4,991
[10:14] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): ok i want it ( the wedding to be in 2 weeks ill have it paid for- wednesday Smile
[10:14] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): so a week from this coming wednesday, is the wedding
[10:15] ℒєσηα ℳichaelѕ (leona.kitty): What time would you like to move the wedding to?
[10:15] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): wat do u have available ?
[10:15] ℒєσηα ℳichaelѕ (leona.kitty): currently we are open that day completely
[10:15] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): 4pm, slt this wednesday week.
[10:16] ℒєσηα ℳichaelѕ (leona.kitty): On the 7th?
[10:16] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): yes is there a booking tht day ?
[10:16] ℒєσηα ℳichaelѕ (leona.kitty): nope, we can give you that time slot, the 7th at 4pm
[10:17] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): then were all set.
[10:19] ℒєσηα ℳichaelѕ (leona.kitty): (leona.kitty): okay I will update it on the calender and let the team know
[10:17] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): let giggles know in a nc it has been changed.
[10:17] ℒєσηα ℳichaelѕ (leona.kitty): Lizzy is taking care of it right now for you
[10:18] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): ty leona Smile
[10:18] ℒєσηα ℳichaelѕ (leona.kitty): yw
[10:18] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): the rest will be paid this coming wednesday - then the following wednesday will be the wedding
[10:19] ℒєσηα ℳichaelѕ (leona.kitty): okay sounds good

We are going to need to set up a time with you to go over everything bridal consultation please let me know when a good time is.

thank you Lizzy


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Re: Giggles & Renegade Wedding

Post by Sin_Revenge on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:19 am

To: ϮĢιցցℓєş ωαℭσϮ (igiggleb0x)

Today's Date: 11/25/16

Re: Always Forever package booked with Everlasting Love Weddings

Dear Giggles,

We are informing you that due to some recent issues that have taken place with Renegade, we have chosen to act on our right to refuse policy for this particular wedding. We want you to understand that we are truly sorry that we cannot provide our services to you and we want you to know that this was by no means due to anything that you have done. This decision has been based solely on the actions of Renegade involving children and staff on our sim. If you have any further questions, all conversations have been fully documented and you are welcome to contact Lizzybright.

Here is a copy of our Right to Refuse Policy which was given to you upon booking:

Right to refuse

Everlasting Love Wedding Services Owner will not tolerate anyone that is rude or abusive towards any of the Everlasting Love Wedding Services team members. We do our very best to make a couple that has booked with ELW happy and we go out of our way when it comes to your wedding day, however, at any time you do become extremely difficult even with many attempts to make you happy, I as the owner of ELW have the right to cancel your wedding. There will be no refund if the owner of ELW has decided to cancel your wedding for the reasons.

Even with that being said, we have chosen to go ahead and refund your money as this was nothing you have caused and have no control over his actions.
Here is a copy of the transaction where Lizzy has sent your money paid back to you:

[20:58] Lizzy Stonefall (lizzybright): 2016-11-25 20:58:14 d467d406 Destination: iGiggleb0x Resident
Region: Everlasting
Description: the payment that was paid for the package L$5509


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Re: Giggles & Renegade Wedding

Post by Sin_Revenge on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:22 am

[05:59 AM] Lizzy Stonefall (lizzybright): Moℓℓÿ Mαssαςяє Ðαrlίηg (ivydoom): why?
[2016/11/24 10:43:15] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): looking for wat
[2016/11/24 10:43:57] Mίss Moℓℓÿ Mαssαςяє Ðαrlίηg (ivydoom): im asking why you are asking?
[2016/11/24 10:44:08] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): im poly
[2016/11/24 10:44:33] Mίss Moℓℓÿ Mαssαςяє Ðαrlίηg (ivydoom): and?
[2016/11/24 10:44:45] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): its just me
[2016/11/24 10:45:45] Mίss Moℓℓÿ Mαssαςяє Ðαrlίηg (ivydoom): im still confused as to why you messaged me right off the bat without meeting me first
[2016/11/24 10:46:09] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): we can meet im just movile
[2016/11/24 10:46:34] Mίss Moℓℓÿ Mαssαςяє Ðαrlίηg (ivydoom): well sorry, im not for free.
[2016/11/24 10:46:46] Mίss Moℓℓÿ Mαssαςяє Ðαrlίηg (ivydoom): plus your approach is turning me off
[2016/11/24 10:46:51] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): my apoligies
[05:59 AM] Lizzy Stonefall (lizzybright): 016/11/24 10:19:43] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): hi miss molly
[2016/11/24 10:20:00] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): im one of the coordinators
[2016/11/24 10:20:14] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): happt T-ging
[2016/11/24 10:21:49] Mίss Moℓℓÿ Mαssαςяє Ðαrlίηg (ivydoom): hey thanks. im the photographer, at least the one thats been here longest and has most of the weddings. lol
[2016/11/24 10:22:19] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): lol
[2016/11/24 10:22:31] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): hugs you
[2016/11/24 10:22:46] Mίss Moℓℓÿ Mαssαςяє Ðαrlίηg (ivydoom): huggies
[2016/11/24 10:24:06] RenegadE DarkBladE (renegadeeee): so molly between me and u.... you single in world ? please keep this between me and you i dont need be fired this time
[2016/11/24 10:24:29] Mίss Moℓℓÿ Mαssαςяє Ðαrlίηg (ivydoom): I am poly.
[2016/11/24 10:24:38] Mίss Moℓℓÿ Mαssαςяє Ðαrlίηg (ivydoom): so taken but also always looking for more
[2016/11/24 10:29:32] Mίss


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Re: Giggles & Renegade Wedding

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