Collaring Ceremony with rings

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Collaring Ceremony with rings Empty Collaring Ceremony with rings

Post by lizzy on Sun Jan 15, 2017 10:02 pm


✰ Action
Ⓢ Sub says
Ⓓ Dom Says
ⓞ officiate Says
Ⓗ Handler (Maarcus )
ⓞ a bell is rungⓞ (to signal the beginning of the ceremony)

✰ At this time the submissive and her attendants move to the front of the room, the Handler representing the submissive in the lead. once at the front the attendants and Chillista kneel on pillows ✰

ⓞA second bell ⓞ

✰the dominant with their attendants moves to the front of the room to the right.✰


✰After the testimony is given, the submissive, with leash in hand, walks toward the dominant and attendants. She stops before each dominant in this line for a few seconds, as if contemplating a choice. Once she has stopped and considered each dominant in the line, she returns to the dominant of their choice and offers her leash with words similar to the follow:✰

Ⓢ I offer this leash to you to guide me and lead me along my journey though life. It is my desire to belong to you and to follow you where ever you choose to take me.Ⓢ

✰ the dominant takes the leash from the submissive and states her acceptance of the submissive's offer of themselves with such words as:✰

ⒹI accept this leash as a symbol of the offering of yourself and give my promise to carefully guide you and lead you safely in my footsteps. You will belong to me from this day on and I will do all within my power to protect you as you join me on my journey. Ⓓ

✰The dominant then asks the submissive to kneel before them and takes the collar to place it around their neck.✰

Ⓓ Will you kneel at my feet and take this symbol of my ownership to wear as a sign to us and those we meet on our journey? Ⓓ

✰ Sub Kneels at his feet ✰

Ⓢ "I kneel as a sign of my submission to you and acceptance of the symbol of your ownership. I will wear it proudly for all of my days, Sir.Ⓢ "

✰The dominant then places the collar around the submissive's neck and fastens it securely. ✰

"ⒹYou now belong to me. Ⓓ

Ⓢ "I now belong to you, MasterⓈ

ⓞ Asks Malkin to accept Chillista ⓞ

Ⓓ"I accept your desire to serve me . I will honor your feelings and needs. I will always put your best interests foremost in my dominance over you. You belong to me, thus you are now a part of my body and soul. Your happiness, health and well-being are in my care and I will thoughtfully tend to them because you are a part of me and my destiny."Ⓓ

ⓞ Asks Chillita to accept ⓞ

Ⓢ "I accept the conditions of my service and respect I will honor and love you as I serve you to the best of my ability. I will open my heart, body and mind to your will, trusting that you have my best interests in your heart. My submission to you will be a gift freely given and shall never become a burden that I must bear. I am now a part of you and will respect you and your dominance over me as our lives and destinies have become one.Ⓢ

ⓞ Malkin is there anything you wish to add to this vow to Chlilista ⓞ

Ⓓ Malkin adds his own word Ⓓ

ⓞ Chillista I give you permission to speak freely to your Master ⓞ

ⓈChillista add her words Ⓢ

ⓞ Do you have a gift for your submissive ⓞ

Ⓓ Yes Ⓓ

✰ Places ring on her finger ✰

ⓞ Do you have a gift for your Master ⓞ

Ⓢ Yes SirⓈ

✰ Places ring on his finger ✰

ⓞ Malkin you may kiss what is now yours ⓞ

✰The couple embraces and shows signs of their affection for each other.✰

ⓞ If everyone would please follow Malkin would join him and his babygirl over to the reception area to help them celebrate .ⓞ

✰ Malkin leads Chillista off to meet guess and to reception✰


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