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Post by lizzy on Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:39 pm


Couples SL Name:ღMяѕ.Ɲᴀᴏɱï ṨtᴀᴋƵ Hαяттღ (soulfulelegance) & 亗 Jαιɗση Ƭуєση Hαятт 亗 (uneeky)

Sales Rep: Lizzy


Any other additional service:

Transaction:2016-11-19 08:57:46 86bdce27 Source: SoulfulElegance Resident
Region: Everlasting L$12500

Booking price plus any additional service added:

How much did they put down?12500

Remaining balance: 12500

*****Remember if they want any extra photos when it comes to on sim weddings the couple will go through the photographer and discuss how many photos.

If a couple books a off sim wedding and they want photos the money for the photographer will go to them.

Sales Reps/Wedding coordinators name that sold this:

[ ] Heterosexual

[ ] Same Sex if yes [ ] Two Men or [ ] Two Women

[ ] Double wedding or [ x] Single wedding

Wedding Date: 11/26/16

Time of the wedding: 5pm

Brides SL given name:ღMяѕ.Ɲᴀᴏɱï ṨtᴀᴋƵ Hαяттღ (soulfulelegance)
Grooms SL given name:亗 Jαιɗση Ƭуєση Hαятт 亗 (uneeky)

Date & Time of your Wedding:11/28/16 @ 4:30pm

Date & Time of your Rehearsal: 11/27/16 @ 6pm
(*If needed*)

they like the venue set up day before the rehearsal

the rehearsal dinner after the rehearsal
Package you picked out: Everlasting Love


Invitations: elegant archway

Gift for the guest:

Cake: love of the intials cake roses to be liliac and the intials to be silver

Save the date:

Venue: tropical oasis

Colors:lilac, silver

Additional add-ons:

glasses - silver roses

gift table-silver

guestbook - speak to leona about this

Add- ons *if you would like to have an additional services please see nc to decide which additional service then send a nc to Lizzybright on what additional services you would like and she will then add it to the payment.

The venue you choose: tropical oasis


Your Colors: (please attach a texture or url here)


Dress Code: formal


Wedding Party:

Flower Girl: molly

Ring Bearer: los

Maid of Honor:尺σѕє (umarosewoood21)

Bridesmaids: 4

Best Man:




{ } Bridesmaid & Groomsmen walk down the aisle

{ } Having the best man and groomsman to be at the altar with the groom (easier on lag)

If Yes please state the walking order:

Have the couple turned in their photography release form? If no, please do that now.


Names to be used in the ceremony: Jαιɗση & naomi

What type of ceremony would you prefer?

[ x ] Traditional- A typical wedding ceremony with "I do" vow and exchange of rings, but no reference of religion.
[ ] Vow Renewal- A typical wedding ceremony with "I do" vow and exchange of rings..
[ ] Religious Ceremony
[ ] Sub & Master Collaring Ceremony
[ ] Hand fasting Ceremony

Will they be performing their own personally written vows? yes

Is there anything special about you two as a couple that you would like included in the ceremony? (If Yes please explain)

How would you like your both names appear on the Marriage Cert.? ѕ.Ɲᴀᴏɱï ṨtᴀᴋƵ Hαятт & Jαιɗση Ƭуєση Hαятт

Do they have witness that they want to use on the Marriage Cert.? if yes please put sl given names

尺σѕє rosewood & thick Stakz


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