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Post by Sin_Revenge on Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:22 pm

                                     Everlasting Love Wedding Services

Please place 1 copy in Management Mailbox and 1 copy to the couple.


Couples SL Name:Bug(ladyseductive.foxdale) &Wyatt Jackson(wyattjackson)

Sales Rep:Lizzy

Package:Always Forever

Any other additional service:


Booking price plus any additional service added:

How much did they put down?

Remaining balance:

*****Remember if they want any extra photos when it comes to on sim weddings the couple will go through the photographer and discuss how many photos.

If a couple books a off sim wedding and they want photos the money for the photographer will go to them.

Sales Reps/Wedding coordinators name that sold this:

[x ] Heterosexual

[ ] Same Sex if yes    [ ] Two Men  or   [ ]  Two Women

[ ] Double wedding   or   [x ] Single wedding

Wedding Date: 12/5/16

Time of  the wedding: 7pm

On Sim or Off Sim: On Sim


[ ] Eternal Love Packages ( paid in full )
[ ] Love Package
[x ] Always Forever Package
[ ] Infinity Package
[ ] Destiny Package
[ ] Everlasting Package


Small : (Used for Elopements)
[ ] Garden of Love
[ ] Wedding in the park
[ ] Italian Dreams

Big Venues:
[ ] Autumn Bliss
[ ] Autumn Garden
[ ] Blush & Bashful * Customized this will be the woodsy venue** (additional fee of 1K)
[ ] Cabaret
[ ] Celtic Garden
[ ] Elegancy Garden  
[ ] Garden of Love
[ ] Heavenly Oasis
[ ] Ivory Garden
[ ] Love & Lavender
[ ] Mystic Rose
[ ] Roman Dreams
[ ] Romantic Formal Pavilion
[ ] Roses in the Ruins *Customized this will be the Celtic venue** (additional fee of 1K)
[ ] Springtime Ballroom
[ ] Summer Breeze
[x ] Sweet Country
[ ] The Ruins
[ ] Timeless
[ ] Tropical Dreams
[ ] The Woodsy
[ ] Winter Dreams
[ ] Completely Customized venue (additional fee of 3K)
[ ] Full sim Customized venue (additional 10K)

Add-ons If they choose to have additions please make sure you add that to their total cost of payment

Additional Services :

DJ Services :
[ ] 1 hour
[ ] 2hr

Photographer ( paid separately  with photographer) they want extra photos
[ ] 3 photos
[ ] 5 photos
[ ] 10 photos
[ ] 20 photos

[ ] Invitations
[ ] Save the Date
[ ] Gifts for the Guests
[ ] Cake
[ ] Voice
[ ] Carriage
[ ] Vintage Car
[ ] Fireworks
[ ] Personalized Fireworks
[ ] Rehearsal dinner
[ ] Reception Dinner
[ ] Guest Mingle
[ ] Personal Shopper
[ ] Security
[ ] Event Planner
[ ] Bot Musician (Piano, Flute, Harp, etc)

Any additional services they would like remember to look on the additional service nc for the prices when totaling everything up for a cost.

When are they available to meet with the wedding coordinator?

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Bug & Wyatt Empty Re: Bug & Wyatt

Post by Sin_Revenge on Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:24 pm

Brides SL given name:
Grooms SL given name:

Date & Time of your Wedding: 12-05-16 7:00pm slt

Date & Time of your Rehearsal:
(*If needed*)

Package you picked out: Always Forever

Add- ons *if you would like to have an additional services please see nc to decide which additional service then send a nc to Lizzybright on what additional services you would like and she will then add it to the payment.

The venue you choose: Sweet Country


Your Colors: Teal/Cream

Flowers: no preference will leave that up to the coordinator

Dress Code: Casual, Western Wedding

Wedding Party:

Flower Girl: none

Ring Bearer: none

Maid of Honor:

1. (Val)
2. (Pixie)
3. (Moon)
4. (Sweet)
5. (Karma)
6. (Misty)
Best Man:


1. (Ozzy)
2. (Danny)
3. (Shadow)
4. (Jimmy)
5. (Jeff)
6. (Fang)

{X } Bridesmaid & Groomsmen walk down the aisle

{ } Having the best man and groomsman to be at the altar with the groom

If Yes please state the walking order:
1. Val and Ozzy
2. Misty and Jimmy
3. Karma and Jeff
4. Moon and Danny
5. Sweet and Shadow
6. Pixie and Fang


Names to be used in the ceremony: Bug and Wyatt

What type of ceremony would you prefer?

[ x] Traditional- A typical wedding ceremony with "I do" vow and exchange of rings, but no reference of religion.
[ ] Vow Renewal- A typical wedding ceremony with "I do" vow and exchange of rings..
[ ] Religious Ceremony
[ ] Sub & Master Ceremony
[ ] Hand fasting Ceremony

Will they be performing their own personally written vows?
yes in Voice
Is there anything special about you two as a couple that you would like included in the ceremony? (If Yes please explain)
Just to say our vows on Voice,

How would you like your both names appear on the Marriage Cert.?
Bug and Wyatt Jackson
Do they have witness that they want to use on the Marriage Cert.? if yes please put sl given names

One of our Dj’s will contact you please make sure you have this filled out so the dj can prepare your songs for you on your wedding day.


Date of Ceremony: 12-05-16
Time of the Ceremony: 7pm slt
Do you need me to DJ before/during the Ceremony: yes
How long do you need me for the reception: hour and half

Names I should address you as: Bug and Wyatt
Best time to contact you: any day of the week in the evenings


Before the ceremony while guest are arriving:
1. tradition wedding music instrumental
2. Country Instrumental as well

Entrance march for wedding party:
Uncle Kracker- "Smile"

Bridal Processional:
Joe Cocker "You're so Beautiful"
(this song will be a surprise to Bug, dont want her knowing the song until she hears it before walking down)

During the Ceremony *Instrumental music

1.low instrumental is fine

Do you have a special Instrumental song you like played during the vows or ring ceremony? None during vows as we are gonna be on voice
If so please state the song.

Shinedown "I'll Follow You"


Couples first dance: Theory of a Deadman "Easy to Love You"

Any other special/specific songs, in the order you want them played. Please specify if they are for a specific time, such as a father/daughter dance, etc:
Will Pass a NC with all our wedding songs to be played between requests

Between your song requests, is there a specific genre of music you'd like for me to play?
We want a mix of Rock and Country and then any requests as well

Are there any songs you absolutely DO NOT want me to play:
Hinder "All American Nightmare"

Do you want me to speak on mic/announce songs or things happening at the reception, or just spin the tunes and be quiet: We are a Wedding Party of Dj's and Club Owners so yes we would like the Dj to mic up and have fun


* If you need me to dress in specific colors or theme, let me know when you return this card to me. Its Country theme but you can dress casual but professional

* I will meet with you at some point prior to the wedding to go over the play list.
* Keep in mind with Second Life lag and technology, some songs may not transaction as quickly as the DJ would like. Everlasting Love Weddings DJ's are professionals and will do everything they can to make your service and reception a perfect one.

new 7/28/16


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Bug & Wyatt Empty Re: Bug & Wyatt

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 03, 2016 3:56 pm

they just want their vows on voice only

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Bug & Wyatt Empty Re: Bug & Wyatt

Post by lizzy on Mon Nov 07, 2016 12:13 am


Invitations:Country invitation from issy THIS WAS SENT TO THEM 11/6/16

Cake:Arianahs Dream cake on the barrel.....


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Bug & Wyatt Empty Re: Bug & Wyatt

Post by Admin on Mon Nov 07, 2016 1:34 pm

Passed cake to Bug 11/7


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